Thinking outside of the box

There are times in all our lives when we all need that extra TLC as things are not as we expect them to be. Life throws these challenges when we least expect them or are able to deal with them, but we all have the capability, the capacity and the commitment to help each other. Sometimes these may not be things we do normally but we can always try, as long as we all know that it may or may not work, but that there will be no harm in trying.

In today’s world and current economic climate, stress has a high position in our daily work and life, some of us get affected differently but most commonly we may tend to clench, grind or gnash our teeth, this can in turn give rise to other problems such as muscle tenderness to head and neck and sometimes back issues (there is enough scientific evidence to support these) and we can help reduce these type of problems.

Sometimes a holistic approach is needed to work with these issues, other specialities and protocols are needed in combination and referral to other help is justified.

Complications can arise from some standard treatments as normal course of events and the understanding of other modalities can ease the burden for all of us.

One of the most unexpected and perhaps the most challenging complications is accidents or trauma and this can affect everyone totally differently. The most common accident is children on summer holidays doing what they do best – playing around! They fall over, or off their bikes, roller-blades, or skate boards or simply their expertise stunt play goes wrong!

We have had our share of emergencies and we always see them straight away, YES even if it means staying behind out of normal surgery hours or making a special call at the weekend or inconveniencing regular appointments if the situation requires our immediate attention - we try to avoid it, but an emergency is an emergency and we need to do and try whatever we can as fast as we can.

Jaw and bite Related problems is something we take seriously, we have had formal training and attended post graduate instructions courses both here and in the USA since 1989, we belong to specific associations associated with it including the Pankey Allumuni, the American Equilibration Society and the American Association of Orofacial Pain and we are one of the founding members of British Society of Occlusal Studies (BSOS).

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