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Smile Creations

If you live in or near Leighton Buzzard, look no farther than Smile Creations for your teeth whitening needs. Located in Leighton Buzzard, within the LU7 postcode area, Smile Creations is as much a dental boutique as it is an oral health clinic. The staff will treat you like royalty, and you will walk away with a fresher, cleaner smile.

A Healthy Smile

A nice smile says a lot about a person. Having all of one's teeth, unbroken and intact, projects that one is healthy and free of disease. Having a white smile demonstrates that one takes the time to brush his or her teeth, and otherwise maintain proper oral hygiene and health. Furthermore, a mouth full of clean pearly whites can work wonders for one's self-confidence.

Tooth Discoloration

There are numerous causes of discolored teeth. Some people have smoked for years, and doing so has stained their teeth over time. Others habitually drink coffee or soft drinks on a regular basis, which can have detrimental effects on the appearance of their teeth. And, some people just don't brush their teeth as often as they should, which certainly doesn't help their smiles. Regardless of how the teeth got stained, solving the problem is really quite easy.

What About Home Whitening Kits?

While there are plenty of teeth whitening products available in stores, their efficacy is inconsistent at best. Oral peroxide washes won't get to teeth if they are caked in months or years of plaque. If anything, using such store-bought mouthwashes will only bleach the plaque and tarter that accumulates on teeth over time. Adhesive and mouthpiece-type whitening strips may have roughly the same effect as the mouthwashes, but they can also cause gum sensitivity, and the adhesive will still need to be brushed off. In short, trying to undo the discolouration of your teeth, on your own, is only a short-term fix. Leave technical matters to the professionals.

Why Smile Creations?

Other dental practices may offer teeth whitening, but they typically specialise in oral hygiene, treating cavities, and other more function-related aspects of dentistry. Customers of other practices often have to wait in line behind numerous others, so that they can receive mediocre treatment. In contrast, Smile Creations focuses on giving each of its valued customers the personalised service and glowing smiles that they deserve.

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