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PhotoI am writing this brief note in order to express how pleased I am and how much I appreciate the work of Dr Arun Darbar at Smile Creations in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, which has resulted in a marked improvement on the appearance of my teeth, and therefore the way I feel personally. Consequently I would like to nominate Dr Darbar for the Patient’s Smile Award 2010.

After two operations to remove a keratocyst from my lower left jaw in 1996 and 1998, it was very difficult for Dr Darbar to carry out any routine work as I could not open my mouth more than 10/14mm to allow fillings etc to be carried out. I also experienced numbness in my lower left jaw as a result of the surgery, after which Dr Darbar gave me a series of laser treatments which vastly improved the situation; however I do still experience a slight numbness in the area. The gaps caused by the removal of two teeth during surgery and the absence of two due to extraction some years ago, also caused problems especially with regard to my bite.

Since having these two operations, I attended the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford annually, and in January of this year I was given the all clear. I was told that it was unlikely that there would be a re-occurrence of the keratocyst and was therefore signed off.

Approximately eighteen months ago I underwent a course of whitening which obviously improved the colour of my teeth, and this was then followed up by wearing orthodontic braces for approximately fourteen months. Once the braces were removed Dr Darbar fitted crowns on both my upper and lower back teeth, including a bridge, as well as veneers to my upper front teeth; I understand that this was a particularly difficult task to perform due to having to colour match these two veneers to the shade of the neighbouring natural teeth, a procedure which I am pleased to say was very successful. The elimination of gaps has also resulted in the correction of my bite.

The result of all this work is a brand new smile for me and a “new tooth” where a gap used to be. Having recently retired from work, there have been times when I have felt a bit depressed and the improvement in my appearance has helped me feel a lot better in myself. I am highly delighted with the result and was even more pleased when a former colleague reported that he had heard about my new “Hollywood smile” and how well I looked; I am obviously smiling a lot more! Word has obviously got round, and I thank Dr Darbar most sincerely for making this possible.

– Mrs Barbara Titchmarsh

Laser Dentistry and Restorative

This case was a rather complex case started of as a simple case of slight improvement of upper front teeth with old restorations which had fractured and discolored over but could not be done earlier due to surgical complication after cyst in jaw surgery was removed in a hospital and patient could not open her mouth wide enough for which she had laser treatment with us and got better and now got done to do the basics and expanded as we got along well with the treatment.

Started as an orthodontic case improvement of retruded front teeth and then replace anterior composites and other restorations as required and maintain the case on long term orthodontic retention with fixed or removable appliances, however after the whitening process patients simple desires changed to more aesthetic and long term but with minimal invasive procedures in view of her requirements and past problems.

Synopsis of Treatment Provided:


Home and Laser whitening, pressed ceramic veneers at UR1 and UL1 and a combination of all ceramic crowns and direct and indirect chair side composite restorations with use of hard and soft tissue lasers as appropriate. Complex laser treatment ranging from Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT),Soft tissue surgery and preparations of teeth for restorations was used.

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